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Into Thy Word Ministries is currently located in Whittier, California. We are in the process of locating to a larger facility in the Pasadena, California area. If you can help us with this matter (like a place we can move to), please contact us.

To Write in:

Into Thy Word Ministries

14948 E. Lindhall Way

Whittier, Ca 90604

You may contact us though e-mail

To Request Information or if you have a question:

Customer Service

Do you have a Bible question? Need help with a passage? Then contact:

Bible Questions

Do you feel called to host one of our seminars? Want to lend a hand? We are in need of:

Missionaries desiring to teach Into Thy Word precepts to people in Russia.
Seminar leaders to lead Into Thy Word seminars to churches and organizations
Editors with excellent grammar and editing skills (You work at your home and this is just a few hours a week), then contact:
Administrative Coordinator

Mary Krejcir

We receive all of our financial support from Christians who are committed to bringing Gods Word made alive to His people. Please check out our Statement of Financial Responsibility by clicking About Into Thy Word.

If you feel called to give contact:

Support Services

Directors Office

Richard Joseph Krejcir Director

Into Thy Word Ministries
14948 E. Lindhall Way
Whittier, Ca 90604

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