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Welcome to the satellite website of 'Into Thy Word Ministries'

We are here to teach you how to grow deeper in your walk with Christ! By providing you discipleship tools on how to study the Bible better, online Bible studies through our main interactive web ministry as well as our resources and seminars! Please click on the logo to go to our main website!

Why Inductive Bible Study?

Inductive Bible study is learning how to exegete the Bible for all its worth with our best efforts. We do this through teaching people tools and skills to help observe the text, dig out the meaning, and then apply it to their lives.

Some people view the Bible as an un-climbable mountain, a dark cave that is feared to be trespassed upon. Be encouraged, and be comforted, that you can indeed do it. Through the inductive method, you can climb that mountain and venture into the cave with confidence. In fact you will be able to mine the truths as an expert exegete does! The Bible is a diamond mine filled with precious nuggets that can be applied to your life, for a life to be transformed and renewed! As with any mine, you do have to start digging and we show you how to do this. The inductive method has been proven as the best way to find those diamonds, and the more you dig the more you will find!

Inductive Bible study has 3 primary areas:

First is Observation:

This is carefully going over the text to see what is going on, the who, what, where, when, how, and why. It is like training a missionary about the culture before venturing to their new country of ministry. If they are not trained of the culture and customs, they will miss a lot of opportunities, and their effectiveness will fall way short of what they could have done.

This is done by teaching you how to pull out the facts through the nature of Scripture and how to avoid presumptions and fallacies, because Gods Word speaks for itself.

Second is Interpretation:

This is taking what is said and finding out what does the text mean. How to interpret literally in the correct context. That is we never take out of Gods Word what is not there, or read in our will as His.

Third is Application:

This is taking the plain meaning and putting it to practical use. This is the, how shall I respond to the Word. What sin to get rid of, what commands to yield too, the pitfalls to avoid, the actions to engage in, and the promises we are to keep.

What are the other ways to study the Bible?

There are many ways to study the Bible and the best way is that you do it!

There are three common ways to study the Bible and all have their advantages and shortfalls.

First is the Deductive Approach: This is the common way of reading the Bible. The reader acts as a detective; which is good at first, as we all need to deduct what the Bible says. This form usually starts with a premise such as a topic or idea and then pulls out the relative ideas. This deductive method tends to skip the key process that helps you organize what the text says in a logical manner. Thus you skip and miss a lot and do not get out of your Bible reading what you should. The danger is that when ideas are pulled out of their context, they result in theology, interpretation, and application that may not exist.

Second is the Opinion Approach: This form uses the personality of the reader as the template to gathering the information from the text. That all that is read and studied is compared to their experience and education. The reader has the tendency to go to the text with firm preconceived ideas. The pitfall is even if you are a seminary grad and experienced pastor, you will miss a lot and get things wrong.

In the above approaches, the reader plows into the Bible without knowing how to do it. Like using a cookbook without understanding how to cook or what the measurements and ingredients mean. So your meal will be less than what may have been intended. Thus, the Bible reader becomes confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Of course there is always a benefit to just read the Bible. Our point is we can do it much better and gain more for our lives as His child.

Third is the Inductive Method: The Inductive approach looks at the whole text in its context and pulls out facts, interprets them, and then applies them. There are no pitfalls with this method as long as the exegete is honest to the text.

So what is special and unique about your ministry?

We wholeheartedly believe and teach the inductive Bible study method. What we do is teach it in such a way that you can draw out even more, by using proven ways on how we learn and assimilate information. How God created us to absorb and learn, and applying that to better understand His Word. We combined this with the exegetical methods pastors learn in Seminary. Our call is to produce the best way possible to teach others how to study the Bible.

The inductive method of Observation, then Interpretation and then Application is a great way to study Gods Word. We teach, inspire, and encourage you further, the way the great exegetes and preachers do. Why are some people great at teaching and others not? Because the ones who are good at it, are good at digging out the Bibles insights without compromising the integrity of the text. We teach you how to do this.

With Into Thy Word, we have an 8-step process. At the heart, are the 3 steps of Observation, Interpretation, and Application. Our extra steps are not to be convoluted, but allow you to draw out even more. Because we capitalize on how our minds work, so you get more out of your experience in His Word.

Because of the way our minds naturally work, we expanded the 3 step Inductive process into 8 steps. This is done in a logical and systematic way. This is not adding irrelevant information, causing distraction, or making it convoluted, but rather making the process easier and more insightful.

Our unique process of Into Thy Word allows each step to build upon the previous step in a logical and systematic way, which paves the way for the next step. So you learn more and are able to progress at your own level.

The first two steps are designed to prepare you to enter the relationship of Bible reading. Because you are going before a holy God, and you need to do it in a reverent way.

This is about Prayer and Attitude, two essential factors that will enable you to excel if you do, or fail if you do not.

This step is showing you how to start, choosing your text, and how to go about it.

The next 5 steps are the inductive process of observing then learning, then applying it into your life.

This has to transpire so we can dig out what is there.

Since we naturally interpret and jump to conclusions in our fallen human thinking, we just start the interpretation process, because you are going to do it anyway. We then place a governor to slow you down, without sacrificing your enthusiasm and creativity, so we can do it right.

We then ask key essential questions to dig out more that we may have missed.

Then we can really start to make sense and internalize the implications and truth, so it effects who we are at the very existential core of our being. This needs to take place before we can apply it. Because we need to be the people of God in order to do the work of God.

Then we can apply it. We take a careful look on how we can do this with honesty and forethought. And then take on the responsibility to reciprocate, that is telling others!

The last step is taking the previous steps and writing it down for lasting remembrance and commitment.

This is so we can keep track what we learn as you progress. You can use this step throughout the inductive process.


Our Reason

One of the great tragedies of the Church today is fewer and fewer people are reading the Bible. Fewer and fewer people are living the life of being His disciples than ever before. We Christians today who are living in America tend to be more concerned with who is coming to our church and the numbers and less concerned with making disciples, to which we were called to do.
When we asked people in our seminars why they did not study the Bible, most people responded with the typical responses of either I do not have enough time or I do not understand it.
We believe that the lack of Bible study and Bible knowledge is the root cause of the problems that most of our churches face. Our churches are riddled with conflict and strife when we are called to be a light in darkness, salt to a flavorless world, and a haven of rest. Yet, we choose to ignore our call and place our focus upon our selfish needs and quests, when it needs to be upon the foot of the Cross, Who Christ is, and what He did for us as revealed in His Word.
Because of the aforementioned reasons, we at Into Thy Word Ministries are committed to teaching you how to find the time for Him, how to be His disciple, and how to understand His Word. In so doing, the church will flourish in power and commitment for our Lords glory! Then, we can be the light in darkness, the flavor and rest in the harshness of life. We can be the people of God, so we can do the work of God!

Into Thy Word is about how to study the Bible in a simple, clear, and concise way!

Do you find yourself confused and overwhelmed with Bible study and devotions?

Do you ever wonder why you should study the Bible?

Do you feel that the Bible is too difficult to understand?

Do you wonder if God has something to say to you?

Do you wonder why Christians disagree?

Do you wonder how you can learn more in less time?

Do you wonder how you can improve your relationship with God?

Maybe you are not wondering and are doing just fine with Bible study. Perhaps your devotions are on fire; but would you like to improve and grow?

THEN Click on the book cover to check out Our Flagship resource: 'Into Thy Word'

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About Into Thy Word Ministries:


Into Thy Word Ministries purpose is promoting discipleship, showing the Way to be surrendered and poured out before the Lord.

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. {Gal. 2:20}

We do this primary by teaching people how to get more out of Gods Word the Bible.

We are committed to communicate the fundamental doctrines of the faith, and proclaim:

· Salvation solely by the grace of God (Sola Gratia)
· A salvation that is brought about through faith alone, (Sola Fide)
· In Jesus Christ alone, (Solo Christo)
· Based on the Scriptures alone, (Sola Scriptura)
· All to the glory of God alone. (Soli Deo Gloria)


I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death {Philippians 3:10}

It is our VISION and call, and commitment to point the church back onto the path of making disciples. It is our passion and directive to lead Christians away from our false perceptions and into His way.

Because we desire to see a church committed to His purpose, poured out to His ways. Then we will see revival through real prayer and devotion to His Lordship.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. {Psalm 119:105 KJV}

Our Mission

We strive to research and produce effective resources and tools for the Christian and the Church. Our primary operating perimeters are in discipleship. Such as how to study the Bible.

We do this through

· Promoting books and resources.

Such as, Into Thy Word. A simple way to better understand the Bible and what God has to say to us. It teaches people to learn Inductive Bible Study Methods. In a way to dig more out of the text. It combines proven learning methods* from years of personal research with proven exegetical methods. We will soon be offering more books and resources.

· Interactive website @

This is our primary way to get the word about getting Into Thy Word. To show Christians the basics of how to study the Bible and provide the tools to make it easier. Along with helpful articles from committed Bible teachers. We will offer a forum to challenge and help each other, as iron sharpens iron. We also offer a on-line Bible study and proven helpful resources and tools to you free when possible or at the lowest cost possible and the most convenient way.

· Seminars

Such as Into Thy Word Inductive Bible Study Seminar. This is how we started out, by teaching our proven ways to better get into the Word. It is our goal to offer these seminars to churches, camps and conferences to High Schoolers through Adults all over the world. We have a weakened seminar for Christians desiring to grow and learn more, and to go over the basics. Then we have a weeklong in-depth seminar for pastors and Bible teachers, or for people who desire to grow even more. We will also teach people to put on these seminars all over the world.
Our Goals

We have the opportunities to send teams to teach Into Thy Word seminars to train pastors exegetical and Bible expository methods in Russia, Eastern Europe, Brazil, México, and China. Pastors there are poorly trained and have little to no resources. Most are pastoring two our more congregations and they desire our help.

· We want to send teams to each of those places in the summer of 2002!
· We want to up the anti on our US seminars by offering them across the county by 2002
· We need to take on more staff and train committed mature in the faith Christians people to lead these seminars.
· We need you and others to partner with us in these endeavors!

We are committed to bring the truth of the Word to all Christians with full reverence and devotion to the inerrancy of Scripture. We add nothing to it, nor take nothing from it!

Into Thy Word Ministries
14948 E. Lindhall Way
Whittier, Ca 90604